Cookie Policy


In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that this website, like most Internet sites, uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user experience.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to the user's computer in order to store data, which can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation.

What type of Cookies does this website use?
- UTMA: This cookie generates a unique user ID, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site. It also records when was the first and last time you visited the site. This cookie is persistent because it takes approximately 2 years to expire.
- UTMB and UTMC: They are used to calculate when a session has ended. The UTMB records the time of arrival at the page while the UTMC checks whether to keep the session open or to create a new session. The UTMB expires 30 minutes after the last page view record while the UTMC is a session variable, so it is automatically deleted when you switch to another website or close the browser.
When the page loads, if the UTMC does not exist, it is considered to be a new session. If it still exists, the session is kept open. You can only calculate the time on page to the penultimate page viewed, since to calculate the time is the subtraction between the value of the UTMB on the current page and the value of the UTMN on the previous page.
- UTMZ: This cookie is responsible for recording the origin of the user, as well as the keywords. It has an expiry date of 6 months, although it is renewed every time the website is visited, as long as it is not a direct visit.
- UTMV: This cookie is optional because it is only used when using custom variables for example to segment demographic data such as sex or age of the visitor obtained from the registration data. It is a persistent cookie.
- UTMZ: Used in conjunction with Google Website Optimizer.

How can you configure your Cookies?
By browsing and continuing on our website you are consenting to the use of Cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy. You as a user has the possibility of exercising your right to block, delete and reject the use of Cookies, at any time, by modifying the options of your browser.

What happens if I disable cookies?
Some functionality of the Services and areas of this website may not work properly if cookies are disabled.

Updating the Cookie Policy
We may update the Cookie Policy on our website, so we recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website in order to be properly informed about how and what we use cookies for.