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Combos and Big Band concert
Conservatory Concert Hall
May 24, 2012

Big Band, Combos and Jam Session
"El Savor" Jazz Club
February 29 and June 19, 2012

Big Band master-class: Bob Sands
May 4, 2012.

Jazz Combo course: José María Corvo
February and March, 2011

Contemporary Improvisational course, featuring "Laboratorio Orchestra" : Gianni Lenoci
March, 2011

Contemporary Improvisational Concert
Conservatory Concert Hall
March 9, 2011

Combo and Jam Session performance
"El Savor", Salamanca
April 14 and June 9, 2011

Jazz Combo Concert
February 21 and May 26, 2011

Jazz Ensemble workshop: José María Corvo
March, 2010

Improvisation Workshop: Gianni Lenoci
April, 2010

Combo and Jam Session performance
"El Savor"
February 19 and April 28, 2010

Workshop, Arrangements and Orchestration for jazz wind instruments: Miguel Blanco

Combos and  Jam Session performance
"El Savor"
February 12 and May 15, 2009

Workshop, Harmony and Jazz Arrangements: Miguel Blanco
April , 2008

Combos and Jam Session performance
"El Savor"
March 7 and June 12, 2008

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