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The study of voice focuses on the acquisition of the means to control the technical and expressive elements necessary for the development of both performer and instrument, which in this case is the performer's voice.

From the beginning of western musical history, the voice has formed one of the fundamental pillars of musical development. Not only does it have one of music's richest repertoires, but it acts as the binding element of all the arts in its function within opera.

Throughout the four year course, the student will have to acquire a clear awareness of style, will have to work to control shades in musical phrasing, intonation and prosody applicable to each musical language as well as control the sound of the voice in pursuit of its correct usage in the theatrical space. Control will need to be exercised in training of the student's musical ear as much in melody as in any modifying harmonic accompaniment. Students must learn to vocalize and give expression to content through the portrayal of characters.

In terms of repertoire, this will be studied and developed within the vocal characteristics of each student, with sufficient variety of genres and styles to ensure a solid training takes place.

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