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The Composition Department at the Salamanca Conservatory of Music is a team consisting of young and diverse teachers with training and experience from national and international centers for music. The department embraces many styles of music with a curricula that includes instrumental composition, electronic composition, and orchestration.


Our faculty maintains professional careers as composers outside of the department, thus offering our students an overview of the current state of the international scene for music composition. This is a comprehensive educational plan. It aims to train and provide guidance to the younger generation of composers.


The program offers two annual concerts, one for instrumental and one for electronic composition. There are also workshops throughout the year, including orchestration, where students gain skills writing in styles ranging from classical to contemporary. This first-hand experience is invaluable to verify the effectiveness of writing for large ensembles and orchestra. In terms of electronic music, we have teachers trained at IRCAM so the curriculum is at the highest level. The department does not make a point to distinguish between instrumental and electronic music. Instead we focus on both equally, within concert and workshop settings.


This education is complemented by seminars and collaborations with teachers from our own conservatory as well as with renowned composers of various nationalities. We also organize meetings with experienced musicians to discuss topics concerning the world of contemporary music, thus giving students the opportunity to confront these realities in their music, writing, and thought.

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